The Golden Peppers: The Dark Side


Patrick Hart wants you to take him to the dark side. From the devilish, brassy menace of new single ‘The Dark Side’ though, it sounds like a holiday destination he’s ventured to many times himself. A more malevolent side to the Bad Wave instrumentalist than glimpsed on his cheery debut track ‘Sometimes (One Night)’, ‘The Dark Side’ is full of garage guitars, feedback, swinging New Orleans sax and Nick Cave-ish howls about “sharks that are always on your heels”. “I’ve got an extraordinary craving,” Hart teases before a steady descent into dissonance, madness and ska. Moody and dangerous ‘The Dark Side’ may be, but it’ll give you a similarly powerful craving for more from the newcomer. Let a little evil in, why don’t you.

Those who’ve followed The Golden Peppers’ (his one-man band moniker) musical adventures in 2016 so far will observes it’s a hell of a transformation. ‘Sometimes (One Night)’ was a coming-of-age sigh of a single that sounded like a nice guy pondering love and life while rooting through his dad’s collection of Roxy Music CDs. “It’s the type of song that makes you want to get a sleek new haircut and a shoe polish and an espresso before setting off in your open-air convertible into the sunset,” wrote SPIN. “Plus that sticky, melodica-wrapped guitar riff in the post-chorus is the stuff of Daft Punk’s daydreams.” His other project, Phoenixy electro-poppers Bad Wave, meanwhile also deal in sunny sounds and themes. Where did the nice guy Patrick Hart go? We’re not sure, but whether sunny or stormy, he’s always compelling. ‘The Dark Side’ is powerful proof of that.

Oh, and Patrick is a culinary wiz so here’s a video of him teaching you how to butcher a chicken. Taking you to the dark (and light) side of that delicious poultry…

Follow The Golden Peppers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see you next Friday for more.


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