Mr Witch: Carat Cake

Mr Witch Carat Cake

It’s a peculiar cartoon world that Mr Witch inhabits: one where, in the video to debut single ‘I Want You’, neon lights would spasm to Chinese rap and pulverising dubstep drops. That track’s follow-up, the equally weird and wonderful ‘Carat Cake’, is just as delightfully surreal in sound and vision, as goofy giggling voices bleed into TNGHT-style big beats and cryptic rhymes spat by a fast-flowing Welshman. It’s an eclectic hail of noise that many A&Rs might balk at: “you can’t be hip-hop and fizzing house. You can’t mix sinister drones and eye-blindingly bright PC Music sugariness,” they might advise a new artist. Mr Witch, though, if you’ll excuse the pun on the song title, wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Enlisting the help once more of Taiwan rapper Cha, ‘Carat Cake’ is another hyperactive dancefloor-filler that teeters on the brink of dream and nightmare. Featuring a guest verse from Los Angeles via West Bromwich MC and comic artist Akira The Don, it propels along with the same fierce Major-Lazer-in-Mandarin might as on ‘I Want You’. Last time out, we described the mysterious producer’s sound as like “setting off to the circus, only to discover that the inside of the Big Top has actually been converted into a Laser Tag warehouse and Nelly The Elephant is DJing a Silent Disco party in the corner.” That trippy carnival continues on ‘Carat Cake’. Roll up, roll up for round-two of his high-wire act.

Check out video above, and follow Mr Witch on  TwitterFacebook and Instagram if you know what’s good for you. See you next Friday, 10Kers.


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