Nafets: Therapy

therapy 2.jpg

Nafets would “rather be myself than what I’m told I’m supposed to be.” This was the realisation that led to ‘Therapy’, the rising MC’s slick new single and teaser for things to come in 2017. “There’s always a lot of outside pressure and influence that tells you to be a certain way or to talk or look a certain way, and that by doing so you’ll ‘fit in,'” he says of the track. “But if you do that, you pretty much lose the uniqueness of yourself for the sake of blending in.”

There’s no sense of an artist intent on merely blending in on ‘Therapy’, a smoky molotov cocktail of airy keys, ’90s boom bap beats and razor wire rhymes. “Como se dice, ceviche in English, what brain do you think with? Been trained since an infant, to dismantle kinship, leave stains on a French kiss, when pain feel relentless, I’m sober,” the first generation Trinidadian spits before a hook that’s a late contender for 2016’s chillest. After the woozy pop trip of last month’s ‘France’ and soul-purging of October’s ‘Asteroid’, it’s more hard evidence the rapper – approved by Complex and one of Indie Shuffle’s top hip-hop acts of 2016 – is going places and going there fast. Listen above, and follow Nafets on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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