Bad Wave: Daniel


LA duo Bad Wave began the year with a bang and they’re ending it on a boom. ‘Runaway’, released January 1, kickstarted 10K Islands on a run of 52 singles released across 52 weeks in 2016. 51 weeks later comes the imperious ear-worm ‘Daniel’ – a sci-fi pop rush tinged with tragedy and accompanied by a comic. “Daniel, they are calling,” sings Tucker Tota over arpeggiating keys and a thick fog of electronic tension. “You’re last in line, it’s time to face the hollow sound.” Even in the face of an unnamed impending catastrophe, Bad Wave don’t stop dancing.

The track’s a teaser for what promises to be a big year ahead for the pair, completed by instrumentalist Patrick Hart. Having racked up over half a million streams in 2016, not to mention the approval of BBC Radio 1, Billboard,  The Guardian and more, they’re charging into 2017 with plans for an EP, out on 10K in Spring. If its contents follow in the powerful footsteps of ‘Daniel’, it’ll be a dark, delirious winner, full of subtle strings, bubbling synths and insurmountable hooks. Hear it above, follow Bad Wave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll see you next week for track 52 of 52.


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