The Golden Peppers: If You Don’t Love Me


gp-ifyoudontloveme-11-19v2It’s a sorry fact of human nature that people often say one thing, then do another. The Golden Peppers’ Patrick Hart wrestles with this truth to tender, heartbreaking effect on the LA project’s latest single, on which he asks over Elvis Costello-ish licks and bluesy brass: “If you don’t love me, then why did you say you love me?” The follow-up to debut singles ‘Sometimes (One Night)’ and ‘The Dark Side’, it’s lovelorn indie at its most emotionally charged.

“My hands are black and blue, my pillow smells like you, still feels like you’re in the other room,” sings Hart on the track, before a massive, melancholy chorus and eventual descent into crashing drums and saxophone terror. “She don’t understand at all.” Hart, who also makes up one half of electronic duo Bad Wave, shows another side to his musical talents on ‘If You Don’t Love Me?’, with a sound that, in stark contrast to Bad Wave’s glitching pop futurism, would be at home in a dimly lit ’80s bar. Check it out above, and we’ll see you next week.


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