Viigo: Different Souls


Viigo’s ‘Different Souls’ picks up where their melancholy last single ‘Ex-Friends’ left off: drifting amid the debris of a relationship that reached a point of no return. Rife with gently glitching electronics and pulsing beats, it’s a dance-floor heartbreaker with ghostly echoes of Autre Ne Veut, The Weeknd and Jungle on a crushing comedown. “Let it go,” sings frontman MJ Hancock over and over, imploring himself to leave behind a union too destructive to continue. ‘Different Souls’ is a song you’ll have trouble of letting go – its warmth and emotion likely to worm its way under your skin for days and weeks to come.

If you’re wondering where the trio, split across LA and New Jersey, may venture next in their constantly-evolving sound, this is a pretty good teaser – moving on from The R&B grind of ‘Paranoia’ (described as full of “Balearic waves, roaring bass, and shimmering rhythms” by The Line Of Best Fit) and minimalist scuttle of breakout single ‘Move’, towards more amorphous, shimmery textures that bend and contort. Their signature powerful sense of emotion, however, remains the same. Check the track above, follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and we’ll see you next week.


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