Brett: Die Young


“How does it feel to die young?” There may be a deathly, existential question at the warm core of Brett’s new EP title track, but ‘Die Young’ is a song that courses with life. A hazy, honeycomb new wave-inspired blend of pulsing synths and cinematic guitars, its charms are infinite: “hanging at the beach, getting pretty close, maybe this real, maybe I’m a ghost,” sings frontman Mick Coogan before its unstoppable chorus. Death has hung in the air throughout a lot of 2016, but ‘Die Young’ celebrates something immortal: the dreamlike state of young love and all the butterflies that go with it.

The ‘Die Young’ EP also features previous singles ‘California Nights’, ‘Modern Classic’ and ‘Lost City’, as well as new tracks ‘Wildflower’ and this sweet, stunning new single. Pushing their sound into new terrain, the EP introduces early new wave influence and noisier guitar elements to their subtly electronic sound. Paying homage to the songwriting brilliance of Robert Smith and Tom Petty, ‘Die Young’ paints a melancholy portrait of fleeting youth, wounded regrets, and dreamy, reckless romance. It’s available to buy now – head to their Bandcamp to purchase, and check out the title track above. Brett are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.




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