Viigo: Ex-Friends


With shades of Jungle and Jai Paul, Viigo’s ‘Ex-Friends’ throws a slow-motion electronic eye on the moment a partnership fades into black, past a point of return. “I wanna take it back again, to the time where we were friends,” sings frontman MJ Hancock, atop a squelch of twisting synths. It’s an emotional frontier to cross, finally calling it quits like that. ‘Ex-Friends’ bundles that emotion into three minutes and thirty seconds of the kind of R&B-fused electro-soul magic the cult trio have become known for on their impressive rise through 2016.

Viigo’s music is full of such storytelling – universal moments of struggle everyone experiences once or twice in their life, put under the magnifying glass to a soundtrack of staggering production full of featherlight echoes and electronic skitters. From ‘Paranoia’, about those times your mental health suffers, celebrated for its “pulsing Balearic waves, roaring bass, and shimmering rhythms” by The Line Of Best Fit, to breakout single ‘Move’, about the happiness and fear of moving in with a loved one, ‘Ex-Friends’ is in good company – another arresting insight into life and love through the eyes of Viigo. Follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and we’ll see you next week.


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