Mr Witch: Money and Dope feat. Nafets

Money&Dope B.jpg

Mr Witch is the EDM Scarface. Need proof? Say hello to his little friend, new single ‘Money and Dope’. A pulsing dancehall beast full of Tony Montana-worthy narcotic haze and big bass, the song zips through a hedonistic wonderland of drugs and dark dance floor mayhem. With echoes of Skrillex and A$AP Rocky’s thunderous ‘Wild For The Night’, it’s another scorching reminder of the rising production star’s prowess behind the boards and appetite for the unknown.

The track features guest verses from first generation Trindadian rapper Nafets, who you’ll be hearing more from on 10K soon, and is a left-turn from Mr Witch’s previous few singles: though it keeps the intensity, TNGHT-ish drops and fast raps of ‘I Want You’, ‘Carat Cake’ and August’s massive ‘Feelin’ Fine’,  it’s a smokier affair than usual, pulling back the BPMs for a sultry slink of echoing synths and reggae rhythms. Listen to the track above, and follow Mr Witch on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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