Luu: Zero Gravity

luu-zero-gravityYou don’t need to visit space to experience a sensation of weightlessness, floating through a strange, surreal ether. Save yourself some money and many years of NASA training by crushing on someone. G-funk pop trio Luu nail the emotion on ‘Zero Gravity’ – the gorgeous, butterfly-stomach uncertainty of a new love turned into a smoky R&B anthem full of lush falsetto hooks and plinking Dr Dre guitars. “You take me sky-walking baby… higher than the clouds, like swimming in the stars, never touching down,” sing the ‘Bout It’ hit-makers. After a string of impressive 2016 singles and now this certified banger, it doesn’t sound like Luu are coming back down to earth anytime soon.

“Got my head in a hurricane,” chimes the track, describing a love interest that may or may not be requited. By the time its huge chorus strides into view, entwining singalong vocals (“never let me down, never never let me down”) with rising, squelchy synth patterns, you’ll be as hooked on Luu as they are on the object of obsession at the heart of this song. Every bit as alluring as breakout single ‘That Light’, which Noisey described as “exquisite and often sensual luxury”, summer may be over but Luu, with their late night, steamy summer R&B sound, are carrying on like the sunshine will never end. Follow Luu on Twitter, and we’ll see you next week.


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