Brett: Modern Classic

modern-classicBrett’s latest single is the four-piece at their invigorating best, but with a darker edge than many fans may remember. “We fight harder with our backs against the wall,” sings frontman Mick Coogan on ‘Modern Classic,’ swerving away from the intimate romance of previous tracks ‘Lost City’ and ‘California Nights’ for a deep dive into the current American climate of fear and feverous worry. “Standing in the street, sleeping in a dream, world is slowing down but I go faster,” Coogan sings over breathy synths, chorus guitars and Drive OST-pulsing electronics, the disorientating effect of contemporary life in pre-election America distilled into a defiant, beautiful pop song.

Inspired by Robert Smith guitar lines and early new wave atmos, ‘Modern Classic’ is about the “vice and decay in the changing American landscape,” says Coogan. “The hopeful melodies are in contrast to the hopelessness of the message.” A truly modern classic would capture all the ennui and paranoia of the world we’re living in right now, the song decides: “A little bit of freedom, a little anaesthesia, slide under the waves,” Coogan sings, detailing drug use and the feeling of drifting through a waking nightmare. Like a butterfly in a hurricane, it’s a spot of beauty in a cavern of chaos. ‘Modern Classic’ is out today, and included on the group’s new EP, out November 11. Listen to the track above, preview the EP on Bandcamp and follow the four-piece on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


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