John Hancock III: Guilty Party


Apologies aren’t easy. They can be gut-wrenching admissions of error that bruise your pride and often blow up in your face. Sometimes, though, they just have to be done. New Jersey Casio-pop maverick John Hancock, despite what his otherworldly knack for a infectious melody may lead you to believe, is only human, and capable of mistakes like the rest of us. On ‘Guilty Party’, he atones for his fuck-ups with Prince-ish dance floor sparkle and a string of promises. “I’ll do the laundry. I’ll do the dishes too. I’ll make the bed. I’ll take the trash out, and I’ll be good to you,” he insists to a loved one he’s let down. “And when you’re full up with forgiveness, you’ll take me back inside.” If sorry is indeed the hardest word, you wouldn’t know it from the breezy, carefree funk of this stomping new single.

Previously frontman to Pitchfork-acclaimed Miami outfit Awesome New Republic, Hancock has had a busy year so far, releasing cult acclaimed single after cult acclaimed single, from the minimalist shuffle of ‘Negative Space’ to the serious splendour of ‘Lead Me Out’ and ‘Give It Out’. ‘Guilty Party’ – which starts as an ambient swirl, stretching into a fiercely danceable groove in its verse before descending into a fun, ’80s-flavoured MIDI sax meltdown at the end – is his most ambitious moment yet. Check it out above, and follow John on TwitterInstagram and Facebook if you like what you hear. We’ll see you next Friday.


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