Bad Wave: Night School


On their latest blast of electro-pop chaos, Bad Wave are “tired, so tired.” No wonder, you might be thinking: last month’s cult adored single ‘3am’ painted the duo as up-all-night party-lurkers prone to trippy bathroom encounters and hallucinations about house pets. But ‘Night School’ is about a different kind of weariness. “We gotta get outta here,” insists singer Tucker Tota over grooving bass and a drum machine rhythm, venting his desperation to escape a humdrum town. “Burn, burn, burn, burn it down on the way out.” Bad Wave are tired, and this driving fuck-you to posers with “pink hair, white shoes and bullshit” is their infectious, anthemic line-in-the-sand.

Bad Wave being Bad Wave, of course, there’s humour in their frustration here, the track’s plodding, near-rapped verses dotted with hilarious bon mots. “Three weeks straight you been waking up in your underwear,” sings Tota, hatching a plan to pack bags and escape to Omaha over instrumentalist Patrick Hart’s wild instrumentation. “The track’s about how it’s so hard to leave—until you leave,” he explains. “And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.”

‘Night School’, out today on 10K, is an education alright. The lesson? As well as their usual breezy sound, which Clash recently called “brisk, buoyant electro-pop” evocative of Animal Collective, there looms something else in the pair’s locker: big blockbuster punk sing-alongs. Check it out above or listen on Spotify and Apple Music, and keep it wavy with Bad Wave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Class dismissed, see you next Friday.


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