Viigo: Missing You

Missing You Art

Time can’t be turned back, words can’t be unsaid, deeds can’t be undone. Viigo know this, but it doesn’t ease the pain on ‘Missing You’, the trio’s most emotional single to date. Chronicling a break-up in agonising slow motion, the track sees frontman MJ Hancock navigate a sea of R&B clicks, synth swells and sorrow, singing about the pain of trying to pull a relationship back from the brink. “And if I could, you know I would, you know I would go back there,” he promises, never quite losing hope. But ‘Missing You’ still feels like a goodbye.

With production full of Blood Diamond- and Diplo-ish steel drum echoes, the track packs more of the soulful electronic magic that’s won rave reviews for their other singles to date, from ‘Paranoia’ (“pulsing Balearic waves, roaring bass, and shimmering rhythms,” said The Line Of Best Fit) to last month’s intense, upbeat ‘Party Lights.’ “Search party came back with nothing to show,” sings MJ as the song winds into its second verse. “Call your name but nobody home… trying to catch your eyes in the glow, but you just stare into your phone.” The situation they describe is commonplace – everyone’s known that feeling of someone growing apart from you. Viigo’s sound however, and the intense emotion within, is anything but common. Follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and we’ll see you next week.



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