Brett: Lost City


Brett songs are like keepsakes from summer eves you can only kinda remember, postcards from places time faded to fog in your memory. They unfold in tiny details, rather than full-blown tales – like frontman Mick Coogan sang on ‘California Nights’, the DC-born group’s last single, they’re “pieces of a dream, slipped into the deep”, snatching at moments. ‘Lost City’, their latest adventure in swooping synth sounds and big dreamy choruses, is more of the beautiful, intimate same. “Whispers in the cinema, we took the long way home,” Coogan recalls over walking bass and echoing guitars, weaving a lovers’ story in delicate vignettes. The result is a track that brims with romance – ‘Lost City’, the kind of song you’ll be happy to stay lost in.

New to Brett? Let us catch you up on the story so far. Completed by guitarist Scott Dittrich, bassist Dave Kuehl and drummer Jon Jester, their last full-length ‘Mode’ was released in March on Cascine, before the blockbuster ‘California Nights’ premiered on Clash earlier this year, winning praise for its “stylish, evocative pop, perfect for those endless desert drives, top down and stereo blasting.” There’s an EP coming soon – ‘Die Young’, out later this year on 10K, which Coogan says is going to be full of “guitars that nod to the playing of MBV and the Cure” plus “themes of regret, the transportive power of memory, and the vibrant chaos of love.”

Till then, ‘Lost City’ is the late summer anthem your August has been asking for. Check it out above. Brett are on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Follow them, and we’ll see you next Friday.


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