Mr Witch: Doing Good

Doing Good

Mr Witch is not a man of many words at the best of times, but today he is a man of even fewer words. He leaves all the words to Welsh rap sensation Akira The Don on new single ‘Doing Good’ while he busies himself in the background, communicating in drum machine, high-pitched robot noise, and crunchy, motorik rhythm. With every track he puts out, Mr Witch mutates into a new vehicle, like a shiny Transformer constantly shape-shifting, hitching things up a gear. Now, following the Mandarin rapping of ‘I Want You’, the stark riot of ‘Carat Cake’ and the party-starter that was ‘Feelin Fine’, the bewitching returns.

It’s something a little more chilled-out, Akira’s rhymes having a similar effect to a gnarlier Mike Skinner on a track like The Streets’ ‘Weak Become Heroes’. Imagine if the Deceptacons made lullabies for baby Deceptacons to fall asleep to, ‘Doing Good’ would cut the mustard. It’s the kind of simmered-down yet still nightmarish track you might require if you want to signal the epic end of a night out at a PC Music rave, the sound of neon lights slowly dimming but never quite fading out completely, the song Skrillex’s heart makes when he’s sad. Listen above, follow Mr Witch on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, and we’ll see you same time, same place next week, 10K fam.


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