Bad Wave: Frank’s Track


Did we imagine Frank Ocean? Dream him? It’s been long enough now since his glorious 2012 summer soundtrack that fans, us included, have begun to question if he ever existed in the first place, or if ‘Channel Orange’ was some kind of hive-mind musical mirage. The wait goes on for ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, the Californian’s much-hyped new album, which seemed set for release last week after a live-stream began on Ocean’s website of him in a carpentry workshop. That stream amounted to nothing – or at least nothing yet. Which is why, to help ease the wait, because Frank Ocean fans do cry, today Bad Wave are stepping up.

‘Frank’s Track’ was Ocean’s short but affecting cameo on Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo album earlier this year. LA duo Bad Wave, fresh from the release of their mind-melting MGMT-ish curio ‘3am’ a fortnight ago, take that snippet to another dimension with the above cover, adding lullaby Rhodes keys and haywire electronics to the tender melodies of the original. Their sparsest moment yet, Bad Wave’s ‘Frank’s Track’ is a reminder that there’s a sparser side to a band whose upbeat, itching-to-dance electro-pop, on songs like ‘Extraordinary’, ‘Good Girls’ and breakout single ‘Runaway’, has earned them high praise from The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Beats 1, BBC Radio 1, DIY and more. Check it out above, follow Bad Wave on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and we’ll see you next week.


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