Viigo: Party Lights


Imagine a Stranger Things-style upside down reality where Radiohead, instead of writing ‘Idioteque’ in an icy fortress of contemplation, wrote it on a bugged-out dance floor. That’s the vibe of Viigo’s latest: an anxious, frantic-paced electronic slinker that like the flashing club strobes it describes, will blind you with its bright zip of colours. It’s easily the trio’s grandest statement yet, an early James Blake-ish belter that lures you in like a Hadron Collider-powered tractor beam and refuses to let go. “There’s no easy way to get away from the party lights,” sings breathy frontman MJ Hancock on the track. And he’s totally, inarguably right.

If you haven’t been following the Viigo story so far, let us get you up to speed. Made up of New Jersey’s Hancock, LA instrumentalist Micke McGinnis and shadowy-producer Chris Rude (they collaborate over the internet), the trio’s first single of 2016 ‘Move’ was about shacking up with a loved one and the twin terrors and excitement that goes with that, delivered over window-shaking bass. The track that followed, February’s ‘Other Lives’ meanwhile was a slow-motion electronic ode to sex and growing older. Then came ‘Beautiful’ – a track that via R&B guitars, gentle drum machine shuffle and bass that boomed like something from the Inception score, did exactly what its title promised. Further bangers followed. Now, with the more explosive ‘Party Lights’, they’re shifting up a gear. “Take your medicine, take your medicine,” Hancock implores before the song’s frantic breakdown. Whatever your ailment, ‘Party Lights’ is the cure. Listen to the track above, and follow the band on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.



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