Bad Wave: 3am


All hail 3am, that glorious twilight time when mistakes are made, one-more-drink turns into one-drink-too-many and the entire space-time continuum can seem to melt around you. LA duo Bad Wave’s ode to it, in keeping with the weird, wild shit that tends to go down at this hour, is their weirdest, wildest release yet – a song that takes the late night disco of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, MGMT-ish wacko-pop nous, a truck load of bleeping keyboards and an avalanche of burning romance, then locks them all in a bathroom at a house party in another solar system. And that’s before the track really loses its mind.

Bad Wave, aka West Coasters Tucker Tota and Patrick Hart, began 2016 with a bang via January’s acclaimed breakout single ‘Runaway’ – a track title that sums up the nature of their success since. Lauded by BBC Radio 1, Billboard, Beats 1, The Sunday Times and more, the band were recently described by The Guardian as makers of “wan, wonderful songs” full of “bright electronics and arena-ambitious choruses, hooks and heavenly chord changes”. Now, with the release of ‘3am’, they’re kicking things up a notch, pushing their sound to even more out-there fringes of pop as live shows with Vince Staples and LCD Soundsystem await. “What are we doing in this guy’s house?” questions frontman Tucker as the track descends into slow-motion, trap hip-hop madness at its close. “Is that a dog or a really big mouse?”

There’s no stopping once the dance begins, the song insists. And there’s no stopping Bad Wave, whose electro-pop adventure just crossed a trippy new event horizon. ‘3am’ is out now –listen on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud, and stay tuned to Bad Wave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll see you next Friday.


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