Brett: California Nights

California Nights

Kerouac described it as “wild, sweaty, important, the land of lonely and exiled and eccentric lovers come to forgather like birds.” California is the place Brett maestro Mick Coogan currently calls home, but you don’t need us to tell you that. It’s written all over the gorgeous, slow-motion explosion of his new single, which seeps America’s sunshine state from every gorgeous pore. Full of widescreen guitars, shoegaze haze and lyrics about late night drives down rebel highways beneath dusky skies, it’s a track as big as the land that inspired it. Kerouac got this place. And on ‘California Nights’, so do Brett.

Born in DC, the band, completed by guitarist Scott Dittrich, bassist Dave Kuehl and drummer Jon Jester, are new to 10K, but you may know them already. Their latest full-length ‘Mode’ was released in March this year on Cascine, adding even more weight to their reputation as an indie best-kept-secret whose cult-acclaimed sound stretches multiple inspirations. On ‘California Nights’ and their upcoming ‘Die Young’ EP, out later this year on 10K, it’s Tom Petty and Kevin Shields leading the way: a fever dream of screeching guitars over descending keyboard melodies and floating falsetto vocals that will melt you where you stand.

Brett are on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Follow them, listen to ‘California Nights’ and we’ll see you next Friday.



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