Mr Witch: Big Pimpin’

Mr Witch Devin

Yeah so Jay Z is a dope rapper (and let’s admit it, he was doper in the past than he is at present), but what if Jay Z was a baller automaton? And what if, instead of being “up in NYC”, this robot Jay Z was up in, uhhh, NELA (that’s North East Los Angeles, crew… Come on, you got this). At 10K we promised we’d give you a new track every week, and we shall deliver. Sometimes though, you have to sing the praises and pay homage to your inspirations. Which is why Monsieur Witch (we’ve gone French, fuck the Brexit) has turned H.O.V.A. into C-3P0. Mr Witch may have come onto the scene with Chinese rapping and a style that owes a thing or two to Major Lazer (and also Uniqlo), but nobody can deny the global, universal, intergalactic influence of the Jiggaman.

So without further ado, Mr Witch doffs his cap and takes on the responsibility of a ‘Big Pimpin” re-do. There is no better time of the year than the third Friday of July to take on that task, turning the big hitter from Jay’s 1999 album ‘Life And Times Of S. Carter’ into a glitchy, futuristic, robo-sex anthem. Move over Daft Punk, there are some new computerised Lotharios in town. Crank up the volume, charge up your LEDs and set your RAM free to the rhythm of a gangster classic.

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