John Hancock III: Negative Space

Negative Space.jpg

“Pick out the thoughts we’d best erase and let the people listen to the negative space,” implores John Hancock III on his latest missive from the Casio-pop tropicália frontier. The world according to Hancock is too full of white noise, to the point where we’re all numbed by the constant sensory blitz. “Build it up. Break it down. That’s a lot. A lot of sound,” he sings over Postal Service bleeps-and-whistles electro. “What are we on and on and on about? When do we ever really listen?”

Hancock’s a man who practices what he preaches. Previously frontman to Pitchfork-acclaimed Miami outfit Awesome New Republic, his music – true to the message of ‘Negative Space’ – doesn’t overload, instead shuffling to charming conclusion in a bare-bones bounce of simple keyboards and drum machine beats. Like previous singles ‘Left Me’, ‘Give It Out’ and ‘Lead Me Out’, it’s the work of a songwriter with lo-fi pop sparkle in spades. Check it out above, and follow John on TwitterInstagram and Facebook if you like what you hear. We’ll see you next Friday.



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