Luu: Bout It

Luu-Bout It Art

In ’98, it was ‘Doo Wop’, in 2002 ‘Hot In Herre’. In 2003, Hov and Bey got ‘Crazy…’, and then in 2011 came ‘Umbrella’. Any music fan will tell you summer’s not summer without a defining summer song – that breezy, feel-good dancer that seems to throb with July/August heat. LA trio Luu might just have this year’s on lock with ‘Bout It’, a G-funk synth-laced, boombox pile-driver. Girl-boy vocals tease at one another and saxophones blare, while a sunny hip-hop beat scratches and grooves. As the band themselves put it on the pre-chorus: “We are so on-point.”

Luu’s last single, ‘That Light’, was called “the sort of sophisticated pop track that should come hand delivered with a tray full of strawberry daiquiris, incense, and some towels with a high-thread count” by Noisey on release. This time around is no different, with the group’s Aaliyah, Madlib, Luther Vandross and early Kanye obsessions combining into something just as special (and somehow twice as lusty). Check out ‘Bout It’, out today on 10K, above, follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’ll see you next week, same time, same place.


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