Viigo: Paranoia

Paranoia Final hi res

Anxiety, as Viigo put it over lush strokes of electronic R&B on new single ‘Paranoia’, is that sense of “waiting for a hammer to fall.” Collapse and catastrophe feel like they’re lurking around every corner. You dread disaster, and the anticipation eats away at you, till you’re a frayed bundle of nerves twitching under a duvet. Sufferers will tell you music can be a coping mechanism, and ‘Paranoia’ sets out to soothe: an exploration of its debilitating effects, played out over calming keys and 1990s radio pop chill vibes. ‘Paranoia’ won’t cure you of your demons, but it might stave them off for three minutes and forty six sunny seconds.

Don’t really wanna do anything, even if I did before,” sings frontman MJ on the track, “When I could be around all my favourite friends, I’m chilling on the bedroom floor.” On the group’s other breakout singles so far, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Move’ and ‘Other Lives’, he’s documented close-up the emotion of falling in love, moving in with that person and wondering how easily his path could have been different. ‘Paranoia’ is Viigo’s most personal moment, though: an honest postcard from the brink of an anxiety attack, at a point where there’s something still taboo about the subject. It’s not just musical barriers then that Viigo seek to smash through. Check out the single, out today on 10K, above and get your daily Viigo fix via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll see you next week.


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