Mr Witch: Feelin Fine

Feelin Fine hi res

You have to feel sorry for Mr Witch’s neighbours – assuming the malevolent EDM mysterio has neighbours, on whichever planet he inhabits. Putting the “NGGGGHHH!!!!!” into TNGHT and the “OWWWW!!!!!” into Baauer, but with added Aphexy delirium, the producer’s ‘Feelin Fine’ has enough wall-trembling bass thunder to wake up the block, and the six surrounding it. Out today on 10K, it’s a simple song about those rare days when everything goes your way – an ode to just bossing it out there. Like Ice Cube’s ‘It Was A Good Day’. If the NWA man had drops to shatter the Richter Scale and synths to rewire your brain circuitry.

In great Mr Witch tradition, ‘Feelin Fine’ sees guest contributions from some brilliant underground talents: after Taiwanese rapper Cha slayed last time out, this time it’s Akira The Don leading the charge, laying down a fierce verse that shouts out Method Man, Gucci Mane and Eastender’s Bianca (Americans, Google her) while DJ Devin Lucien lends a hand. The only question is – are you ready for it? Follow Mr Witch on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, and we’ll see you next time, 10Kers.


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