B00TY: Holy


Your new favourite song of the summer began life at 3am on a muggy Miami night, outside a Cuban pastry shop, in the belly of a rental car. ‘Holy’ wasn’t something that B00TY frontmen Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum had planned: rather, true to its title, the track just seemed to divinely happen. Edan freestyled the instrumentation while driving, Adam sang over it and 24 hours later, the song was done: an iconic-sounding soul ballad that doesn’t just stop you in your tracks, but glues you there till its four minutes of string swells and soul-searching have come crashing to a climax. In other words, holy shit, it’s good.

Combining the falsetto thrills of Jungle, stadium emotion of Jessie Ware and subtle electronic grind of The Weeknd, ‘Holy’ is B00TY’s first release on 10K. But they’re no new kids on the block, despite their tender years. The band – completed by synth-playing co-producer Connor Irias, guitarist Nick Setter, bassist Jesse McGinty and back-up singers Rhea Dummett and Sadé Clacken Joseph – have already forged a reputation as LA party-starters, and have some serious pedigree on their collective CV: Edan is a Hollywood soundtrack composer currently working with Sir Anthony Hopkins on a project, while Rhea is part of Pharrell Williams’ touring outfit and sung on ‘Happy’. That pedigree showed on last month’s self-released single ‘Carry The Load’, a smoky, funk jam full of smooth saxophone licks. On ‘Holy’ though, a song about the intense, almost religious possession that comes with a new romance, B00TY are operating on another level.

“We make electronic soul,” the band say of their sound, “and improvisation is at the heart of everything we do.” You don’t need to be told that after listening to ‘Holy’, however. Free and spontaneous, it’s the sound of a band going places, and going there fast. Listen to the single above, and welcome them to the 10K fam on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, why don’t you? See ya next Friday, y’all.


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