John Hancock III: Lead Me Out

Lead Me Out hi res

You know those trust exercises where you fall back into another’s arms, depending on that person to stop you from crashing to the ground? The latest track from tropical pop troubadour John Hancock III is that in a song. “Lead me into the end of the world,” he sings over a Radiohead-ish percussive shuffle, if Thom Yorke dug Ariel Rechtshaid instead of Steve Reich. “Lead me and I’ll be right there, right there.” ‘Lead Me Out’ brims with the kind of calm and charm that, even in the event of the end of the world, would make everything feel alright. It’s about the friends you love, the company you keep.

You might remember John’s last time in action: a sublime Bjork cover, that took the Icelandic queen’s colourful electronica and sent into spinning onto a neon-lit dancefloor. ‘Lead Me Out’ exists in the same bittersweet party pop bracket: a radio hit for the masses, but with the most intimate lyrics that, like much of what we’ve heard from him so far, glimpse inside a giddy, grinning romance.The song’s out today on 10K Islands, and is further evidence of the glimmering keyboard charisma of an artist on the rise. Trust us.

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