Bad Wave: Extraordinary


Bad Wave are all about the incredible. It’s wired into their songs and into their lives outside the band too: when not fronting the electro-pop duo, who release their new single today on 10K, vocalist Tucker Tota is a comic-book writer and movie-maker, constantly telling tales of the out of this world. ‘Extraordinary’ is the pair’s latest story to share, and does exactly what it says on the tin: a gossamer synth anthem that braids Postal Service bleeps-and-beats with Killers-ish arena ambition. But beware: beneath its poppy charm offensive, is a dark, dangerous underbelly.

You might not guess it, but ‘Extraordinary’ is a song about a serial killer grappling with blood-lust for greatness. “Been a year since I saw it coming… Look at you, look at you, look at you with your shadow running in your gloves, leather gloves,” sings Tota from the perspective of a parking lot-lurking murderous stalker. The song’s skittering electronics and bright keys tell one story. Its lyrics tell another tale altogether. “Shut your eyes and your screaming mouth, lock you in from the outside.”

Bad Wave, in case you missed it, burst out of the blocks on January 1 with the acclaimed ‘Runaway’, hailed a “beautifully unnerving cut, combining the kind of crafted and affecting pop Phoenix do so well” by The Line of Best Fit and “effortlessly freeform pop” by DIY. Since then, the duo – completed by instrumentalist Patrick Hart – have been on a fierce run, winning the attention of The Sunday Times and BBC Radio 1, as well as praise from Billboard, who call ‘Extraordinary’ a”cheerful, buoyant track will suit fans of Phoenix, MGMT and Two Door Cinema Club, and is built on radiant synths, insistent drums, and a windswept melody.” Another exciting milestone in the career of the fast-rising pair, Bad Wave have hit new heights. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and we’ll catch you next week.  


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