Luu: That Light

That Light

Luu are all about that G-funk pop: the sort of siren synths you’d hear warbling in the back of a vintage Dre rap, the kind of harmonies Aaliyah would layer on lushly. They come from LA and they grew up on 1990s R&B and think Brandy is better than Radiohead. Their new single ‘That Light’ is about sex, but not just any kind – that early evening summer sex where your skin glows from the heat and your bodies are lit in soft oranges and red from the dusk through the windows outdoors. “When we’re face to face, got your hands on me, and I cherish that there’s no other you,” go the lyrics.

Inspired by Smokie Robinson, Madlib, Luther Vandross and classic Kanye, Luu are here for one thing and one thing only. “It’s music that makes you want to dance,” they explain. “Whether you’re putting a pool party on in LA or you’re freezing in Brooklyn and need to move with someone just to get warm, we want Luu to trigger moments of true bliss.” Sprinkled with piano and strings, it’s the sort of track you want to listen to blaring in a low-rider as you cruise around a gorgeous West Coast vista. Luckily, it sounds just as good anywhere else in the world, too.

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Till next week, crew.



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