Nicky Blitz: When You Find Out (The Nerves cover)


The Nerves didn’t hang around for long. A jangle-pop trio who once toured with the Ramones, they jittered in and then out of existence again in four short years, releasing just one EP before disappearing into LA scene folklore. You probably don’t think you know them but trust us, you do: Blondie’s ‘Hanging On The Telephone’? Yep, that was nabbed from the Nerves. For Nicky Blitz though, it’s a less-celebrated song of theirs that enchants most. “They are one of the greatest bands that no one knows. Those ultra cool hipster pretentious fucks should have shared them years ago,” says the 10K Islands surf-psych-pop troubadour. “The beauty of the song is there is no guessing or hidden meaning. It’s a straight-up perfect song that encompasses the experience of falling in love, being dropped and seeking your vengeance by never going back.”

Which is why when the idea of releasing a month of 10K cover versions of cuts our artists love, Blitz was first with his hand up, desperate to take on a track that he discovered via collaborator Aqua and immediately fell hard for. The faded 1970s cool of the original remains, its sunny harmonies pulled into the 21st century with effortless aplomb by Blitz, whose despairing sense of romance here – “I try to explain what you don’t see… No one can give you more love than me,” he sings over upbeat guitars – echoes his forlorn, impossibly catchy last single, March’s ‘Smarter’. “I feel cooler than I’ve ever been because I know a band no one knows,” he says, tongue firmly in cheek.

Check the song out above. Blitz is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you should follow him there, if you ask us. Till next week, adios.


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