Bad Wave: She (Green Day cover)

badwave-she-cover (1)

Welcome to covers month at 10K Islands. Make yourself at home why don’t you. We’re now officially one fourth of the way through our year of weekly Friday singles, and what a beginning it’s been: from Bad Wave’s ‘Runaway’ on January 1 to last Friday’s John Hancock III heart-melter, 10K tracks have been streamed a monumental 580,186 times so far in 2016. That’s more than half a million streams in just three months. No big deal.

As a thank you, we’re throwing on something special this week and throughout April. Now you’ve met the 10K roster, we wanted to give our artists the chance to introduce you to the acts that have inspired them. Every Friday for the next four weeks, 10K acts will be covering the bands that made them want to start bands. Up first is LA duo Bad Wave, who you might not think of as fans of pop-punk from the largely guitar-less bleep-‘n’beat buzz of their breezy electro-pop singles so far. You’d be wrong though: not only are Patrick Hart and Tucker Tota Weezer obsessives, but chose to cover Green Day classic ‘She’ for their cover. Swapping their crashing drums for an electronic groove and wild keyboard solos, it’s a teen lust punk gem broken down and joyously reconstructed.

Here’s Patrick and Tucker with a little bit on why they chose this track. Read below and be sure to follow Bad Wave on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram. Till next week, 10K crew.

Patrick: “We started out thinking of songs from the ’70s and ’80s, and even worked on a cover of ‘Take My Breath Away,’ but eventually we accepted that our true allegiance is with ’90s music.”

Tucker: “We both love Green Day, and ‘She’ is easily their most emo song, so it made sense to try a cover.”

Patrick: “It also felt really natural to treat it like a normal Bad Wave song – slow it down, make it a little dancy, add lasers.”

Tucker: “We also spent a while listening to newer Green Day songs –  the guy always writes amazing melodies, but there’s something about the way the new material is recorded, you can just immediately tell when you listen to the stuff from the ’90s.”

Patrick: “Weirdly, it took us way longer to finish this song than any of our other songs… for some reason it just took forever to figure out exactly how we should do the chorus. Tucker kept telling me “we only get one shot” to do a Green Day cover, so we were both feeling the pressure.”


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