Viigo: Beautiful

Beautiful New Single Art

Viigo deal in the minutiae of life and love. ‘Move’, their first single of 2016, was about shacking up with a loved one and the twin terror and excitement that goes with that, packed into an icy dancefloor-filler. The single that followed, February’s ‘Other Lives’ meanwhile was a slow-motion electronic ode to sex and growing older. New track ‘Beautiful’ is equally personal and every bit as disarming. Released today on 10K, it’s about those all-too-rare, breathtaking moments when the stars align and the world seems not so bad, put to R&B guitars, a gentle drum machine shuffle and bass that booms like something from the Inception score. Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature.

Accompanied by a fittingly kaleidoscopic video shot by Bad Wave’s Tucker Tora, it’s our latest glimpse into the world of MJ Hancock and Mike McGinnis, the duo at Viigo’s creative core. In case you haven’t been following – the pair are split between McGinnis’s LA and Hancock’s East Coast, where he takes late night beach walks and waits for lyrics to come to him. It’s over the internet they craft their deep, twisting electronic soul music. But with live plans currently coming together, shit’s about to get very IRL very soon.

Till then, bask in the broody brilliance of this latest single, get your daily Viigo fix via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we’ll see you same time, same place next Friday. Big love, 10K crew.


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