Nicky Blitz: Smarter

Smarter Final Art.jpgNo right-minded person needs telling that girls are smarter than boys: it’s just one of those unquestionable, universal truths, like ‘the sky is blue’ or ‘Pinkerton’s the best Weezer album’ (don’t @ us, Blue Album die-hards). In case you need reminding though, Nicky Blitz’s lilting new single wraps up that message in a sunny, 1960s-inspired haze of acoustic guitar and tape-desk, lo-fi hiss. Arriving soon after January’s ‘House’, the Californian’s rollicking last release, ‘Smarter’ showcases the softer side of Blitz. “Girls are so much smarter than boys,” observes its breathy chorus, between gorgeous oohs and ahhs. A tribute to a whipsmart woman who stole his heart for a weekend, it’s a whipsmart indie-pop love song in itself.

Here’s what you need to know about Nicky. Last year, his five-track ‘Hawk‘ EP introduced listeners to a suited, swaggering man in alligator shoes who’s ripped like a lightweight boxer but trades mostly in honeycomb songs about his family and friends. ‘Alex’, ‘Alive’ and later ‘House’ packed sweet stories of nights in with parents, awkward attempts to score a date and, err, the real estate market’s resemblance to his love life. ‘Smarter’ is similarly sugary. “We spent the weekend reading Joan Didion,” sings Nicky of a romantic few days. “We didn’t leave the house, ordered in Chinese food” (they also listen to some classic Dr Dre).

It’s another interesting evolution in an artist who’s already done rampaging blues (‘Hawk’) and acoustic ballads (‘Wait For Love’) and who claims his future music will involve “rapping, songs inspired by night-walking and calypso.” Check out the video above, his lyric sheet below and his day-to-day rantings and ravings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Till next week, 10K crewdem.



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