Luu: Word Up


‘Word Up’ isn’t a cover of the classic, keytar-powered Cameo hit your mom and dad probably bumped-and-grinded to in the mid ’80s. LA newcomers Luu’s song of the same name has got its similarities though. That boomy bass, which is enough to quake buildings. That air of sex, which drips from its every pore. That same ability to possess everyone within an eight-mile radius in an instant, sending them into fits of jiving as if by magic. All it’s missing is the shoulder pads.

There’s not much we can tell you about Luu because there’s not a lot to know: the band are a “wrecking crew for Daptone magic” made up of “killers, aces, professionals and hired guns”. Their music, they say, is “West Coast player shit.” Your job, listener, is simply to “kick the fuck back, chill the fuck out and have a ball.”

The song is a sex jam, but with a smart difference, rallying lyrics about girls “who break every rule” (the track is a celebration of “man-eating sharks, killers, gamers” say the band) over soulful live instrumentation and a groove so deep it’s like a mountain range. You can get to know Luu on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, in the spirit of this carnal dancefloor-filler, here’s some 10K artists on their favourite sex songs. Get down to Luu, then get down to these and we’ll see you next week.


Patrick Hart, Bad Wave: “‘I’ll Make Love To You’ by Boyz 2 Men. One time there was a very special slow dance with a lady and MJ sang that song to us.”

MJ, Viigo: “I find music hilariously distracting paired with sex. As far as inspiring sexual records go though, it doesn’t get deeper than ‘Music For Sensuous Lovers’ by Z. Been jamming this LP for a while now. Hard.”

Nicky Blitz:R Kelly, ‘Ignition (Remix)’. “Give me that toot, toot, give me that beep, beep.” Perfection.”

Brian Robertson, producer/songwriter:Spice Girls, ‘2 Become 1’. Definitely brings me back to the awkwardness of middle school dances. Honorable mention to ‘Ascension’ by Maxwell, another ’90s jam.”

Mike McGinnis, Viigo: “Also ‘I’ll Make Love To You’. The song says everything so politely, it’s hilarious.”



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