Viigo: Other Lives

OTHER LIVES single art‘Other Lives’ is a song about a situation that’s inappropriate for audiences of all ages so let’s not talk about what actually inspired it (a fruitful encounter with a member of the opposite sex in a bar, like all great Rolling Stones songs, if you have to know). The band we call Viigo previously brought you the bass-driven thump of January 2016 single ‘Move’, but have foregone the Skrillex-lite drops on this second 2016 single, which focuses more on even sultrier musings courtesy of dynamic duo Mike and MJ. You could mistake the song for being a slinky ode to a butterfly. Actually, that’s a far more family friendly take so let’s go with it.

//She can fly away// sings MJ, tapping into the fleeting nature of the treasures in our lives that we take for granted. It’s all wrapped up in Jai Paul brooding rhythms and mean guitar riffs, and is very Valentine’s Day appropriate. It’s so relaxing it’s like giving your brain a deep cleanse in the tub with some Epsom salts – an activity beloved by both MJ and Mike after a hard day’s slog in the 10K studios.

Sideline Viigo-related celebrations come this week with the great emancipation of Mike McGinnis from windy Chicago as he makes his way to the Holy land of Los Angeles. With MJ still stranded on the East Coast, the pair will continue to make music via the internet. However, the plot thickens as Mike is due to take up residence with two scamps you already know as Bad Wave. Will there be a Bad Wave/Viigo collaboration in future? Who knows what ideas might come to fruition by the light of the refrigerator during one of their future 3am kitchen hangs, of which we presume there’ll be many…

You can dive into the Viigo-y ocean via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Till we meet again, amigos, and have a wonderful V Day. May your inboxes be flooded with red rose emojis ❤


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