Bad Wave: Good Girls

Bad Wave’s last single was less of a mere meagre wave and more like a typhoon. Released on January 1, kickstarting 10K Islands’ year-long run of weekly Friday singles, Runaway’s giddy rush of electro-pop glee and Phoenixy hooks took less than a month to rack up 70,000 Spotify streams and almost 80,000 plays on Soundcloud, winning praise from The Sunday Times, BBC Radio 1, Beats 1 and more along the way.

But stats only tell half the story. What really mattered about Runaway was how its “fidgety, euphoric chorus” and cut-and-splice electronics (“enough to make that PC Music lot quake in their boots”, as DIY kindly put it) felt like. Namely, the beginning of something for this LA duo. No wonder it caused a splash (okay, last Bad Wave pun, we promise).

Which brings us to Good Girls, their emphatic follow-up. All pulsing keys and just-try-and-resist-them pop melodies, it’s a tyrannosaur-sized banger about running like hell through a wonderland where satellites are falling from the sky and maniacs bang at doors behind you (there’s a wounded relationship in there too, for good measure). Out today via 10K, the track’s available now on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud. Listen away, friends.


To mark the release, Bad Wave’s Patrick and Tucker wanted to talk about a band without whom they’d cease to exist. The reviews so far might have likened them to MGMT, Cut Copy, etc etc, but for the duo there’s one band who matter to them more than any. Over to them, and their thoughts on the mighty Weezer…

A lot of Weezer fans have certain teenage memories of that band. Is this the case for you? Has a Weezer song ever soundtracked an awkward, brilliant, romantic, disastrous or surreal moment in your life?

Patrick: There were definitely some awkward high school romance moments… in fact, in 2002, I was at the Nashville show on their tour, and I’m pretty sure (but refuse to confirm/deny) that there was some Only In Dreams making out going on.

Tucker: My first band in middle school pretty much ended up being a Weezer cover band. We were supposed to write our own songs but every time we practiced we’d just end up playing The Blue Album all the way through.

What is it about Weezer that makes them amazing? 

T: I guess at it’s the idea that they’re nerds. I mean look at the cover of The Blue Album. But they didn’t act like nerds, they acted like a badass punk band. That’s pretty much how I’ve always felt.

P: They just seem smarter than other rock bands.

The big question: Blue Album or Pinkerton?

P: Short answer, The Blue Album. But oddly, their album that has the most sentimental value for me is The Green Album. It just soundtracked more crucial moments I guess. Plus every guitar solo on that album is just exactly the vocal melody from the verse, which blew my mind as a kid.

T: It’s a shame that those are the big two to choose from. Like, I feel bad for them that they were never able to reach that level again. But they really are two of the greatest albums ever made. I mean, one of your albums is going to be the best one, and I would kill to have either of those under my name. Short answer: Pinkerton.

How does Weezer influence Bad Wave?

P: Well, it’s something we both have in common from before we met. Plus you don’t know it yet but we’re slowly turning into a 90s rock band. Just wait.

T: We did a cover of Island in the Sun before we were Bad Wave. You could say it was the first Bad Wave performance. We’ll probably end Bad Wave with a Weezer cover too.

Did you guys ever hear of the Weezer break-up petition? A group of fans clubbed together to offer the band a million dollars to split up, because their music (they claimed) has gone so downhill since their glory years. Is there truth in that? Do you love them still despite that decline?

P: I never heard of that, but it certainly sounds like something disillusioned 30-something Weezer fans would do. I’m still all-in on Weezer.

T: Two recent singles by Weezer, Thank God for Girls and Do You Wanna Get High, are two of my favourite Weezer songs of all time.

What life lessons has Weezer taught you both?

P: Primary colors.

T: Watch out for those half-Japanese girls.

If you could tell Rivers Cuomo one thing, what would it be?

T: I would ask if he remembers me from outside the Amphitheater in West Palm Beach in 2002. I know Brian Bell remembers me, cos we talked for at least 25 seconds.

P: Don’t give a fuck and do your thing. Although I’m pretty sure he’s got that one sorted already.

You can hit the beach with Bad Wave on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram. Till next week, 10K crew.


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