Mr Witch (feat. Cha): I Want You


You might not be ready for Mr Witch tbh. But here it is. There’s very little in the way of meaning behind the name ‘Mr Witch’. We’re not trying to put you under any form of mystical spell. For a start, the pulverising bassline of ‘I Want You’ is hardly going to induce you into a deep hypnotic sleep from which we can convince you that Mr Witch is the grand saviour of pop music and the future of the commercial landscape. You’d have to be out of your frickin mind if you thought that was the case.

Going to the land of Mr Witch is like setting off to the circus only to discover that the inside of the Big Top has actually been converted into a Laser Tag warehouse and Nelly The Elephant is DJing a Silent Disco party in the corner. The “music doesn’t lend itself to description, just consumption. And universal dancing – lots of universal dancing. It could be K Pop, it could be b-side fodder for Fatima Al Qadiri, it could be Major Lazer with a guestspot from a bandana’d female vigilante who raps in Mandarin. But it’s none of those things. It’s Mr Witch, featuring our very own powerhouse Cha, who explains what it’s all about here…

Follow Mr Witch via our modern day magical portals (TwitterFacebook and Instagram). Whatever will we have for you next week, eh?

再見/再见 😉


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