The Golden Peppers: Sometimes (One Night)


Yes that is a pepper, and it is spray-painted gold by a man named Patrick Hart. When you watch the music video below, you might recognise Patrick from Bad Wave – the band 10K Islands released during it first week of 52 this year. Well, to give you some further insight into Patrick Hart: when the guy isn’t getting dollar bills stuffed into his mouth on the set of music videos for Bad Wave, he is in his kitchen in Los Angeles spray painting groceries from his local Vons. And that’s why we don’t recommend you ever accepting an invitation for dinner round Pat’s house.

It’s not enough for Hart to play in Bad Wave, or be the keyboardist in the live band of Nicky Blitz, there are melodies and poems within him that will swallow him whole if he doesn’t find a vehicle to communicate them by. So The Golden Peppers – a fictional band with just one member – became a reality. As did this, his debut music video for ‘Sometimes (One Night)’.

This is a song about being trapped in a permanent state of coming-of-age when you know you should have grown up by now. It also kinda sounds like a first dance at a wedding, and/or flicking through your dad’s Elvis Costello vinyl collection while squeezing some fresh OJ on a Sunday morning.

Remember to keep The Golden Peppers in a cool, dry place always (i.e., earmark the following pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). We’ll be seeing ya.



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