Viigo: Move

At the III Points festival in Miami, Florida last October, a shadow-y R&B group called Viigo made their debut appearance. It wasn’t just their live unveiling, the slot was actually the first time the duo (split between Chicago and New Jersey) had recreated their funky futuristic melodies together in a physical space. Ever. Lead vocalist MJ Hancock slid and jumped around the stage as partner Mike McGinnis provided his sonic backbone, flitting between keys and bass. With the help of some of their 10K brethren (whom you’re yet to meet… all in good time) they recreated the smooth allure of their self-titled EP, softly released on 10K last Spring.

That EP was just a precursor to the beastliest of all their beats, ‘Move’, aptly titled for the sole reason that its pulsing bass will throw your chest at the wall and your feet at the ceiling. Viigo is the source of MJ and Mike’s innermost anxieties. The music sounds intimate because they’re a sensitive pair, who perhaps understand each other in a way nobody else does – or should.

Remember to follow Viigo on the astroplane… (i.e., InstagramFacebook and Twitter). See you in seven daysssssss. Stay rad. 😀


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