Nicky Blitz: House

Last year, 10K Islands brought you an introduction to Nicky Blitz via a five-track EP called ‘Hawk‘, taking you on a voyage into the seedy mind and psychedelic heart of a man who wears alligator shoes onstage – without socks. This year, Blitz is taking things to that cliched “next level”. Think of Nicky Blitz’s move into the upper echelon as a very well styled-out premature life crisis. It will involve rapping, songs inspired by night-walking and calypso.

New song ‘House’ possesses the same rough edge of Blitz classics ‘Hawk’ and ‘Summer Sinner’. It makes settling down and the notion of life commitment sound positively thrilling. Because it is! We all dream of the day we can stop renting dive joints, and start living in a home we can LOVE. “That girl is a hotel, and that other girl she is just a motel, but my baby is a house, YEAH MY BABY’S A HOUSE!”


To celebrate its release Nicky Blitz himself is here to show us around a very special house – the HQ of 10K Islands itself. Step inside, welcome to our world…

Nicky Blitz plays The Satellite in LA on Monday, January 18. Be there or be elsewhere. And remember to follow Nicky Blitz on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. See you next week. Hasta luego ❤


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